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So, here we are again! After a long period of sitting behind our computers, working in ‘extreme’ conditions and discussing what should be on our late-night sandwich, we decided to set foot in the wide world again to meet Joachim.
Joachim is quick on the draw if it comes to spray cans and posca markers, and in the most recent years he distilled quite some artwork out in the open. This is why we – more specifically our executive manager 😉 – took it upon ourselves to take the street artist indoor to yet another adventure in one of the meatball restaurants of Balls & Glory. Unlike our previous haul in B & G Leuven with Anmar Mirza, we already knew what was about to be served on our plates: A peppered image of a pretty piggy.


Starting out in POLE POSITION!
With a somewhat fresh morning behind us, Joachim worked his way through the crowd to set up the outlines of his soon to be life size mural. For him it’s important to keep doing what he does best: create, draw, sketch and paint in order to show the public what flows out of his head and hands.
Setting up a mural is definitely not easy. Dragging ladders around, inhaling the fantastic spray fumes, constantly moving from left to right and operating paintbrushes on long extension sticks while keeping yourself highly concentrated in order to make no mistakes is all part of the package, and it really takes a toll on the body.
Luckily for Joachim, being energetic is what drives him. With the hard labor and intense creation of artworks, he can keep his inner balance without going cuckoo or walking on the ceiling. Throughout the graffiti landscape you often see him making beautiful acrobatic moves on ladders and scaffolding. Personally, we think he could do well in ballet or the Chinese gymnastics team.

Sketchy lines
Still, for him it’s really important to keep going on and going strong. In the world of (street) art, you’re easily forgotten if you don’t perform for the audience on a regular basis. Even though you have to reject certain assignments, there’s still a lot of competition out there.
Creating your own distinct style is as important as buying toilet paper. A few layers of street and pop art are easily combined with the right jokes, without even mentioning topics like politics or news from the media. Without these components, it is extremely difficult to get noticed by… well, anyone.
Back to the pork of the day: here’s a picture gallery of the works in B&G Eindhoven (NL)

Top hat.
Special thanks go out to Tim Streetartwerpenaar who brought us into contact with Joachim, and Wim Ballieu for the amazing opportunities so far. Somewhere soon you’ll find us in Balls & Glory Brussel Beurs to give the terrace benches and tables a new coat!
And remember kids: don’t try this at home.


So señor boss-man of the Balls & Glory franchise gave out the order to his graphic designer team to implement one of Joachim’s sketches to their brand new menucard. The back of the menu features parts of our adventures in a few of their restaurants.
The result is stunning if we say so ourselves!


Apart from murals, Joachim creates artwork on canvas, sketches and other interesting surfaces.
Check out his artist profile for more details and items!

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