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Why do we need local partners in order to grow?



When Balls & Glory started in Ghent 5 years ago, they had one big dream: to introduce their Belgian slow food internationally with the ultimate goal being to have 50 restaurants by 2025, with one of those in New York… Quite ambitious indeed, you might think, but it does help to have a goal. I am convinced that having more restaurants can really help us do things differently and better!


 with LOCAL entrepreneurs !


‘We have the balls, you make the glory’, we sometimes say with a smile…but it does say a great deal.

Balls & Glory is to become a quality label: you know what you eat (meat of fair origin, hand-rolled, seasonal, oven-baked) with something for everyone (pork, chicken, vegetarian). We want to become a fighter, a warrior who is committed to keeping Belgian slow food like mash, sourdough bread, oven-baked vegetables and salads affordable and accessible. Made fresh daily, in tune with the seasons and with room for innovation (for example, this spring, we are launching a real insect ball). We are committed to offering local artists and designers a canvas, with Balls & Glory as a meeting place in the beating heart of the city.




Not a bit of everything… no, no, stuffed balls with mash and salads, with Belgian beers, free water and fruit on the Belgian design tables & no cola or other nonsense, but probably indeed a bit of Bazart music coming from our speakers.


The local hospitality of the lady or gentleman of the house at the stove (or at the register) make a restaurant a home and a place where it is great to linger; a chain can never beat that.


But, of course, a global approach, a format with know-how and a network of like-minded people also provide an extra boost, giving the local entrepreneur ample opportunity to focus on their guests.


And it is precisely that model I have chosen as a growth model to roll out Balls & Glory both in Belgium and abroad. United and strong in a  partnership/franchise  where we clearly delineate our tasks and responsibilities – and this is only possible, of course, if our skills also complement and supplement each other. So how does the ideal partner look to us now?


  • Someone who loves their city (one of more than 100,000 inhabitants), but that love must be mutual
  • an entrepreneur, but not a serial one
  • with honest and daily dedication (which means a leader at the oven, not the laptop)
  • an open and similar minded lifestyle; so, we never have to quibble about taste
  • iron discipline (so it helps if you derive energy from details that make sense, day after day after day)
  • above all, a hospitality freak who is incredibly contented if they can make guests happy.

I am confident that, in this way, we can grow in a sustainable win-win situation with a clear focus on both the Balls and the Glory. We are independent and cooperative in terms of what impels us to make the right decisions. Therefore: united and strong, but within a tight framework: good agreements make good friends. A clear context, clear values, a clear entry (& clear exit) with a single goal: a better Balls & Glory, hopefully in 2025 with many happy partners, and a nice restaurant in NYC with even tastier meatballs and vegie-balls than we make today.


Join our meatball revolution?


We are currently looking for partners in Brussels & Eindhoven

It’s still waaaaaaaay too early for New York; but other proposals are always welcome.


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