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Un minimum d’expérience professionnelle ou l’envie d’apprendre Enthousiaste, compétent et aimant faire partie d’une équipe jeune et dynamique. Néerlandophone, idéalement bilingue NL/FR




A minimum amount of work experience or willingness to learn
Enthusiasm and the ability to be a genuine Team Player in a young and dynamic group.
Dutch-speaking and ideally bilingual NL/FR



Qui sont Balls & Glory?


  • Un bande de foodies passionnés
  • Une start-up croissante avec quatre restaurants, foodtruck et présent dans la vente au détail
  • Nous servons ‘slow-food’ en façon fast-food !
  • Toute la production est dans nos propres mains… de l’élevage de porcs jusqu’à nos tables urbaines.
  • Nous avons l’intention de réaliser une croissance internationale de notre concept Belge avec des partenaires locales.

Nous t’offrons 

  • Un environnement de travail exigeant, mais glorieux J
  • Des collègues super-cool « with balls » (certains quand même)
  • Salaire correct
  • Ambiance super !
  • Opportunités de carrière / participation
  • 5 jours ouvrable par semaine et fin du travail à 23h au plus tard

Who are Balls & Glory?


  • A passionate ‘bunch’ of foodies
  • A growing start-up with 4 restaurants, food truck and presence in retail
  • We serve slow-food in a fast-food way
  • We do it all ourselves…. From pig farm to our urban tables.
  • We hope our Flemish food skills will grow internationally through franchise partners.

We offer:

  • A demanding but glorious work environment J
  • Cool colleagues with balls (some at least)
  • Fair salary
  • Even more attractive vibes
  • Growth opportunities / shares
  • 5 days a week,

contact: or whatsapp: 0472 51 31 44


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Stoemp (stamppot – literally: mash pot) is an authentically Belgian popular dish. Step into a random eatery and chances are you will find it on the menu. Stoemp with leeks and grilled sausages, for example. Or a variation with Belgian endives, ham and cheese – a Brussels favourite. Not to mention that other, genuine classic: soft cauliflower stoemp. Delicious with beef stew and a pint of dark ale.

Nothing, however, beats a nice endive stoemp with a meatball!


The structure of stoemp is less smooth than stamppot or the classic mashed potatoes we all know. After cooking, the potatoes and vegetables are not mashed into a fine puree, but mashed coarsely. Then we add a generous dollop of butter and a dash of vegetable stock to achieve the desired unctuousness. Finally, we season the dish with white pepper, a pinch of salt and some nutmeg. To ensure the right unctuousness, we at Balls & Glory make fresh steaming stoemp every hour. No microwaves or steam ovens needed, which makes us rather unique. And proud, to be honest.



The perfect stoemp hinges on respecting the right proportions, and putting the potato in a leading role. As “real Belgians”, however, we try to strike a balance between at least 40% of vegetables and the time-honoured “bintjes”. This floury, firm-cooking potato was first cultivated by Kornelis Lieuwes de Vries, a Frisian potato farmer and teacher, in the early 1900’s. He named his most recent race after Bintje Jansma, the smartest girl in the class. As it is, we share a rich hutspot history with our neighbours to the north! But while the bintje fell out of favour in the Netherlands, we Belgians kept the tradition alive: bintjes grow like cabbage, meaning they require less spraying than other varieties. The floury bintje is thé fries potato par excellence. And eminently suited for making coarse stoemp!


The tastiest stoemp in Brussels?

We are huge fans of Viva Bomma’s “stoemp saucisse”:

Rue de Flandre 17, 1000 Bruxelles

Téléphone : 02 512 15 93


For more top addresses, consult ‘The five best places to eat stoemp and 51 other lists about Brussels’, a booklet by Jan Sulmont.


We want stoemp!


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Balls & Glory chooses Bloom.


As you know we love to use fresh vegetables and herbs in our balls, ice-tea or side dishes. Thanks to Bloom we can take that to the next step now. Where plants aren’t able to catch enough sunlight to grow or simply survive, Bloom is the solution.


“Bloom is a full-spectrum grow light and wants indoor farming for everyone. “

Full-spectrum light and a very high color rendering index make this high power 32W grow light perfect for indoor cultivation of fast growing plants like vegetables, herbs or tea. The nice thing is that Bloom doesn’t restrict you to any pads or recurring business plan. You can just use it to grow any type of plant you want, from orange tree to self planted tea starting from seed.


Bloom is designed to last a lifetime. They only use sustainable materials and techniques: the slim heat transferring profile is made out of anodised aluminum (the best metal to be recycled) and the LEDs survive an average 8 years. Bloom was also designed for disassembly and didn’t use any glues. They made it easy peasy to replace the LED module inside Bloom. (Finally… lifelong products!!!)

Bloom is modular. We installed a horizontal table top version at Balls & Glory Brussels but you could actually leave Bloom hanging from the ceiling, place him vertically or built Bloom into a closet or mount him above a plant shelf. Love to switch mounts? Sure take a look at the website to discover all possible settings.


More than for its clever design, we love Bloom for its company mission. “Mother” has as mission to develop smart tools that make you or your business more self-sufficient. They only design products that last a lifetime.


Come discover Mother’s first product – Bloom – at Balls & Glory in Brussels (Brussel’s Stock Exchange).


Got too curious?

Visit their website,

facebook page

or instagram:

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Your own Balls & Glory ?
co-creating is the future !
we are recruiting franchise-partners ;)


6 years ago, Wim Ballieu opened the first Balls & Glory store in Ghent.

The award-winning concept is as simple as it is clever: a restaurant & shop concept based on the pearl of Belgian slow food: filled meatballs. These fast-casual restaurants go back to the basics of delicious and healthy cooking and only use meat they farm themselves. The oven-baked balls, which are pork, beef, chicken or vegetarian, are rolled by hand, filled with a liquid filling and served with the classic stoemp (mash) or an “Ottolenghi-style salad”. In each of our 5 beautiful stores, the urban atmosphere with free water and fruit on the tables makes the mouths of young and old water.

An independent operator in each one of our stores can help us to realise our dream: a Belgian restaurant in New York by 2025. Sustainable growth is teamwork, and that is one of our strengths ….



GHENT – The hospital & food world is quickly changing: stricter regulations, conscious customers and large competition. Balls & Glory is ready for the future: we are a dish-of-the-day restaurant 2.0, a proud winner of the golden palm for the Europe’s most innovative restaurant concept.


The future is one of co-creation, and creating win-win situations together. It is also how Balls & Glory wants to grow, with an independent entrepreneur in each location. At the moment, the stores in Ghent and Leuven are operated by independent owners. But in the long term, founder Wim Baillieu is looking for strong partnerships for all Balls & Glory stores, in particular in Brussels, Antwerp and Liege.

We recently went to Leuven and to Ghent to ask the owners some questions. The most important subjects were: why did they select Balls & Glory as a food concept, and what are its advantages? LET’S FIND OUT!


 Ruben, the man from Gent, has known Wim since they went out drinking together in Ghent’s bars and clubs. He was there when Wim launched his first ideas about a filled meatball (What’s in a name). So it is someone he knows like the back of his hand … 2 years ago, Lieven was involved in opening our store in Leuven. The city has a specific target group with associated challenges.


Hi Ruben and Lieven, let’s cut straight to the chase: your own Balls & Glory! What made you do this?

Ruben: “I have known Wim for years and was immediately grabbed by this story … As someone born and raised in Ghent, he asked me to take the reins here. We have been working on this for five years now!

Lieven: “I have had a passion for the hospitality industry since I was very young. But then after working really hard in a restaurant for a few years I felt a little lost, so decided to slow down a bit. I started working at Balls & Glory Leuven and it suited me down to the ground. After a year I bought myself it, and I haven’t regretted doing that since.”

If I am not wrong, you are both from the places where the Balls & Glory stores are located?

Lieven: “I’m actually from Hasselt but my business partner Vincent is Leuven through and through.”

Ruben: “I would label myself as a genuine Ghent man, yes. I love my city and I think that that’s important if you want to run a Balls & Glory. You must know the city, know what potential locations there are, and can mobilise people for your business. You’re also familiar with what events take place in the city.”

Lieven: “Indeed, local entrepreneurship is very important I think!”



You said it yourself Lieven: local entrepreneurship is very important. What else?

Lieven: “I believe that everything hinges on your passion for hospitality…wanting to make people happy every day with what you do”.

Ruben: “Every day… exactly! You need to have the type of character that can demand the best of yourself and your team.”

Lieven: “You are a real entrepreneur, and that includes dealing with figures. So besides excellence in the store you need to have you back office in order. I am meticulous when it comes to doing orders, staff timetabling, etc.”


So running a business requires a focus on many different things. How do you feel supported?

Ruben: “I think it’s first and foremost in word and deed. We work with a sort of Balls & Glory service centre. When I have questions I can give Wim or Stephanie a call. This can be about finance, organisational matters or even food and drink. Basically everything to do with restaurants!”

Lieven: “I’m perhaps one of the few young people who’s not very interested in social media (laughs). At Balls & Glory all marketing is done for us. Managing social media, instore and external communication, PR and so on. It goes without saying that a new book about balls does wonders for your business’ name recognition!”

Other things?

Ruben: ”For me, it’s very important that we can focus on what we do best: making people happy. We are supported in everything to do with products and food. So Wim, besides working on a long-term vision and on innovation, is always looking to improve our meatballs and fillings. In addition, for each dish there are technical factsheets available on our central platform, which is handy! All of this ensures a better and uniform quality so we can really make a difference…”


Lieven: ”I said earlier how important everything about figures and orders is for me. By working with Balls & Glory, you can benefit from group deals with partners such as our farmer and designers…. We form a tight-knit group with the other shops. Every month, we meet to discuss problems and to come up with the best solutions together.”


Lieven, you’ve already mentioned about Vincent in your team. How important is a good team in a Balls & Glory restaurant?

Lieven: ”Exceptionally important … At Balls we always say that the GLORY must come from the team! So we are supported in coaching. Someone can only really be trusted if they are fully immersed in the story. And that is Balls & Glory, no regular restaurant concept but a real story…”

Ruben: ”It’s often very busy in Ghent, so I can’t manage without a strong, established team. I’ve learned that a Balls & Glory is an ideal place to run as a couple. Enough work to share but also enough time for your private lives!” (laughs).

An innovative hospitality business in a safe climate and with the necessary support: we have the balls, you make the glory.


Contact if you think you’ve got the balls to work with us to make a difference.

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I have a dream: about food, about co-creation, about Brussels….


wanna join ?

Let me first introduce the what & the why about Balls & Glory:

We have been making filled meatballs since 2012 with meat of fair origin, or vegetarian, but always hand-rolled and oven-baked. We have a single goal: to cherish our Belgian slow food. We serve the super-delicious Belgian (meatball) cuisine that I learned at my mother’s knee My parents have a butcher’s shop in Ghent, old-fashioned and honest, with respect for the seasons and raw materials. My passion for cooking was sparked during the holidays I spent at my grandparents’ farm in Veurne.

We combine this cuisine with a contemporary metropolitan attitude: Belgian designers, clean lines, but with a twist. In a shop, take-way and restaurant where innovation and experience are never far away. I want to introduce Balls & Glory internationally in an urban and fast-served concept.

the idea

At Balls & Glory, we have dreamt of a ‘city production unit’ for some time. A meatball ‘rollery’ in the middle of the city of… in addition to our kitchen in Ghent where, with the help of Demival, we provide sustainable employment for people with a disability that are temporarily or definitively out of the normal economic circuit.

We make a spot where we can coach and inspire our people, a place where food, education and innovation come together. A place where Balls & Glory equips itself for the next fifty years. Surrounded by glass, what you see is what you get…and open to the world and its talents: co-creation, co-thinking and co-inspiration.

a co-creation-hub & food-incubator in Brussels ?

Create a new urban hideout for food-minded people.

A place to receive support. Support in space, network, logistics and brains.

We want to give the co-working space a new dimension.

Support young food start-ups in their journey.



    City kitchen

    (production through social project) and training space for the Balls & Glory team & prospects


    Obtain advice for your culinary business through our selected partners.

    Easy access to a professional kitchen specifically for artisan producers and caterers.


    Find out what our location can do for your next big event.

    Temporary rental of kitchen space and equipment for the successful preparation of a catering project or event.

    The location is outfitted as a cooking studio. A network of chefs is used for various workshops.

    workshops – master classes – team building – renting the location for cooking events.



are you:

  • a food-concept start-up or scale-up
  • a PR-, design- or marketing-agency specialized in food & hospitality
  • some-one with great idea’s
  • a …..

& wanna join our journey…

contact:   or


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Wanna share your talent ?
Balls & Glory needs you !
Shopmanager BXL bourse (m/v/x – fulltime)

Shopmanager (m/v/x – fulltime)

(Your) Ingredients


◦                You combine a love for food, with a love for numbers and processes

◦                You have loads of common sense

◦                You’re flexible and live by “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”

◦                Glorious hospitality lover: You get buzzed and energised in giving our Ball lovers a wonderful time!

◦                Even José Mourinho can learn a thing or two from your coaching skills (and if you haven’t got a clue who he is – don’t sweat it – half of the team doesn’t know either J )

◦                You love your city and the city loves you! You know all there is to know in your city – people know you – and you know people!

◦                When it comes to experience, you’re an old fox that can teach your team a few new tricks! (> 5 years)



 (Perfect) Preparation


◦                You draw up timetables, place orders, guide your team and actively take part in serving and preparing balls in our open, urban kitchen.

◦                Your shop is your baby and you’ll be taking up final responsibility when it comes to revenue, orders, brand experience and operational results!

◦                You are part of our young team and will support and guide them in an open and constructive manner.

◦                You’re passionate in your job, and outside of it!


Who are we?


◦                Passionate foodies

◦                Growing start-up with 6 shops & a food truck

◦                We offer slow food in a fast served formula

◦                From our own farm to our urban tables!

◦                We’ll be spreading our Flemish food skills internationally by means of local partnerships



◦                Demanding but glorious work environment

◦                Cool colleagues with balls (at least some J )

◦                Honest salary and advantages

◦                And above all glorious vibes

◦                Opportunity to grow to be an independent partner

◦                5 days a week – Home by 11.30 PM at the latest!




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Why do we need local partners in order to grow?



When Balls & Glory started in Ghent 5 years ago, they had one big dream: to introduce their Belgian slow food internationally with the ultimate goal being to have 50 restaurants by 2025, with one of those in New York… Quite ambitious indeed, you might think, but it does help to have a goal. I am convinced that having more restaurants can really help us do things differently and better!


 with LOCAL entrepreneurs !


‘We have the balls, you make the glory’, we sometimes say with a smile…but it does say a great deal.

Balls & Glory is to become a quality label: you know what you eat (meat of fair origin, hand-rolled, seasonal, oven-baked) with something for everyone (pork, chicken, vegetarian). We want to become a fighter, a warrior who is committed to keeping Belgian slow food like mash, sourdough bread, oven-baked vegetables and salads affordable and accessible. Made fresh daily, in tune with the seasons and with room for innovation (for example, this spring, we are launching a real insect ball). We are committed to offering local artists and designers a canvas, with Balls & Glory as a meeting place in the beating heart of the city.




Not a bit of everything… no, no, stuffed balls with mash and salads, with Belgian beers, free water and fruit on the Belgian design tables & no cola or other nonsense, but probably indeed a bit of Bazart music coming from our speakers.


The local hospitality of the lady or gentleman of the house at the stove (or at the register) make a restaurant a home and a place where it is great to linger; a chain can never beat that.


But, of course, a global approach, a format with know-how and a network of like-minded people also provide an extra boost, giving the local entrepreneur ample opportunity to focus on their guests.


And it is precisely that model I have chosen as a growth model to roll out Balls & Glory both in Belgium and abroad. United and strong in a  partnership/franchise  where we clearly delineate our tasks and responsibilities – and this is only possible, of course, if our skills also complement and supplement each other. So how does the ideal partner look to us now?


  • Someone who loves their city (one of more than 100,000 inhabitants), but that love must be mutual
  • an entrepreneur, but not a serial one
  • with honest and daily dedication (which means a leader at the oven, not the laptop)
  • an open and similar minded lifestyle; so, we never have to quibble about taste
  • iron discipline (so it helps if you derive energy from details that make sense, day after day after day)
  • above all, a hospitality freak who is incredibly contented if they can make guests happy.

I am confident that, in this way, we can grow in a sustainable win-win situation with a clear focus on both the Balls and the Glory. We are independent and cooperative in terms of what impels us to make the right decisions. Therefore: united and strong, but within a tight framework: good agreements make good friends. A clear context, clear values, a clear entry (& clear exit) with a single goal: a better Balls & Glory, hopefully in 2025 with many happy partners, and a nice restaurant in NYC with even tastier meatballs and vegie-balls than we make today.


Join our meatball revolution?


We are currently looking for partners in Brussels & Eindhoven

It’s still waaaaaaaay too early for New York; but other proposals are always welcome.


Our crafters

Street Balls continues

So, here we are again! After a long period of sitting behind our computers, working in ‘extreme’ conditions and discussing what should be on our late-night sandwich, we decided to set foot in the wide world again to meet Joachim.
Joachim is quick on the draw if it comes to spray cans and posca markers, and in the most recent years he distilled quite some artwork out in the open. This is why we – more specifically our executive manager 😉 – took it upon ourselves to take the street artist indoor to yet another adventure in one of the meatball restaurants of Balls & Glory. Unlike our previous haul in B & G Leuven with Anmar Mirza, we already knew what was about to be served on our plates: A peppered image of a pretty piggy.


Starting out in POLE POSITION!
With a somewhat fresh morning behind us, Joachim worked his way through the crowd to set up the outlines of his soon to be life size mural. For him it’s important to keep doing what he does best: create, draw, sketch and paint in order to show the public what flows out of his head and hands.
Setting up a mural is definitely not easy. Dragging ladders around, inhaling the fantastic spray fumes, constantly moving from left to right and operating paintbrushes on long extension sticks while keeping yourself highly concentrated in order to make no mistakes is all part of the package, and it really takes a toll on the body.
Luckily for Joachim, being energetic is what drives him. With the hard labor and intense creation of artworks, he can keep his inner balance without going cuckoo or walking on the ceiling. Throughout the graffiti landscape you often see him making beautiful acrobatic moves on ladders and scaffolding. Personally, we think he could do well in ballet or the Chinese gymnastics team.

Sketchy lines
Still, for him it’s really important to keep going on and going strong. In the world of (street) art, you’re easily forgotten if you don’t perform for the audience on a regular basis. Even though you have to reject certain assignments, there’s still a lot of competition out there.
Creating your own distinct style is as important as buying toilet paper. A few layers of street and pop art are easily combined with the right jokes, without even mentioning topics like politics or news from the media. Without these components, it is extremely difficult to get noticed by… well, anyone.
Back to the pork of the day: here’s a picture gallery of the works in B&G Eindhoven (NL)

Top hat.
Special thanks go out to Tim Streetartwerpenaar who brought us into contact with Joachim, and Wim Ballieu for the amazing opportunities so far. Somewhere soon you’ll find us in Balls & Glory Brussel Beurs to give the terrace benches and tables a new coat!
And remember kids: don’t try this at home.


So señor boss-man of the Balls & Glory franchise gave out the order to his graphic designer team to implement one of Joachim’s sketches to their brand new menucard. The back of the menu features parts of our adventures in a few of their restaurants.
The result is stunning if we say so ourselves!


Apart from murals, Joachim creates artwork on canvas, sketches and other interesting surfaces.
Check out his artist profile for more details and items!
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flanders food faculty


great to be part of this project !

The core team of Flanders Food Faculty is made up of experts, or rather the affectionately dubbed ‘Captains of Gastronomy’. They act as the steering committee of Flanders Food Faculty and are responsible for drawing up and implementing an annually compiled action plan. They detect needs in the professional field, spot opportunities and set priorities for the operation of Flanders Food Faculty.

The ‘Captains of Gastronomy’ support the implementation of activities with hands-on advice, tips and concrete proposals. They put their expertise and network at the disposal of the organisation to supervise actions, create synergies and encourage discussion in and with the professional field. Acting as a sounding board for the actions taken by partners within the Flanders Food Faculty, they not only actively contribute to communication about Flanders Food Faculty’s activities, but also take responsibility for specific projects.

A ‘Captain of Gastronomy’ has extensive knowledge of the operation of the tourist industry and/or the gastronomic sphere of operations (at national and/or international level). He or she has a network in the tourist or catering industry, or in the food industry, and is prepared to mobilize this network in a Flanders Food Faculty context. A ‘captain’ believes unconditionally in Flanders’ culinary assets and is excited about being actively engaged in strengthening and promoting them.

Our ‘Captains of Gastronomy’:

  • Ben Weyts
  • Peter De Wilde
  • Sofie Van Den Bossche
  • Peter Goossens
  • Danny Van Assche


  • Nancy Lippens
  • Kasper Stuart
  • Frans De Wachter
  • Frank Cops
  • Peter Scholliers
  • Raph Van Loocke


  • Filip Vanheusden
  • Bartel Dewulf
  • Claire Tillekaerts
  • Krispijn Yperman
  • Wim Ballieu
  • Bernard Lefèvre
  • Joachim Boudens




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Street Balls