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Balls & Glory chooses Bloom.


As you know we love to use fresh vegetables and herbs in our balls, ice-tea or side dishes. Thanks to Bloom we can take that to the next step now. Where plants aren’t able to catch enough sunlight to grow or simply survive, Bloom is the solution.


“Bloom is a full-spectrum grow light and wants indoor farming for everyone. “

Full-spectrum light and a very high color rendering index make this high power 32W grow light perfect for indoor cultivation of fast growing plants like vegetables, herbs or tea. The nice thing is that Bloom doesn’t restrict you to any pads or recurring business plan. You can just use it to grow any type of plant you want, from orange tree to self planted tea starting from seed.


Bloom is designed to last a lifetime. They only use sustainable materials and techniques: the slim heat transferring profile is made out of anodised aluminum (the best metal to be recycled) and the LEDs survive an average 8 years. Bloom was also designed for disassembly and didn’t use any glues. They made it easy peasy to replace the LED module inside Bloom. (Finally… lifelong products!!!)

Bloom is modular. We installed a horizontal table top version at Balls & Glory Brussels but you could actually leave Bloom hanging from the ceiling, place him vertically or built Bloom into a closet or mount him above a plant shelf. Love to switch mounts? Sure take a look at the website to discover all possible settings.


More than for its clever design, we love Bloom for its company mission. “Mother” has as mission to develop smart tools that make you or your business more self-sufficient. They only design products that last a lifetime.


Come discover Mother’s first product – Bloom – at Balls & Glory in Brussels (Brussel’s Stock Exchange).


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