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I have a dream: about food, about co-creation, about Brussels….


wanna join ?

Let me first introduce the what & the why about Balls & Glory:

We have been making filled meatballs since 2012 with meat of fair origin, or vegetarian, but always hand-rolled and oven-baked. We have a single goal: to cherish our Belgian slow food. We serve the super-delicious Belgian (meatball) cuisine that I learned at my mother’s knee My parents have a butcher’s shop in Ghent, old-fashioned and honest, with respect for the seasons and raw materials. My passion for cooking was sparked during the holidays I spent at my grandparents’ farm in Veurne.

We combine this cuisine with a contemporary metropolitan attitude: Belgian designers, clean lines, but with a twist. In a shop, take-way and restaurant where innovation and experience are never far away. I want to introduce Balls & Glory internationally in an urban and fast-served concept.

the idea

At Balls & Glory, we have dreamt of a ‘city production unit’ for some time. A meatball ‘rollery’ in the middle of the city of… in addition to our kitchen in Ghent where, with the help of Demival, we provide sustainable employment for people with a disability that are temporarily or definitively out of the normal economic circuit.

We make a spot where we can coach and inspire our people, a place where food, education and innovation come together. A place where Balls & Glory equips itself for the next fifty years. Surrounded by glass, what you see is what you get…and open to the world and its talents: co-creation, co-thinking and co-inspiration.

a co-creation-hub & food-incubator in Brussels ?

Create a new urban hideout for food-minded people.

A place to receive support. Support in space, network, logistics and brains.

We want to give the co-working space a new dimension.

Support young food start-ups in their journey.



    City kitchen

    (production through social project) and training space for the Balls & Glory team & prospects


    Obtain advice for your culinary business through our selected partners.

    Easy access to a professional kitchen specifically for artisan producers and caterers.


    Find out what our location can do for your next big event.

    Temporary rental of kitchen space and equipment for the successful preparation of a catering project or event.

    The location is outfitted as a cooking studio. A network of chefs is used for various workshops.

    workshops – master classes – team building – renting the location for cooking events.



are you:

  • a food-concept start-up or scale-up
  • a PR-, design- or marketing-agency specialized in food & hospitality
  • some-one with great idea’s
  • a …..

& wanna join our journey…

contact:   or


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Wanna share your talent ?
Balls & Glory needs you !
Shopmanager BXL bourse (m/v/x – fulltime)

Shopmanager (m/v/x – fulltime)

(Your) Ingredients


◦                You combine a love for food, with a love for numbers and processes

◦                You have loads of common sense

◦                You’re flexible and live by “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”

◦                Glorious hospitality lover: You get buzzed and energised in giving our Ball lovers a wonderful time!

◦                Even José Mourinho can learn a thing or two from your coaching skills (and if you haven’t got a clue who he is – don’t sweat it – half of the team doesn’t know either J )

◦                You love your city and the city loves you! You know all there is to know in your city – people know you – and you know people!

◦                When it comes to experience, you’re an old fox that can teach your team a few new tricks! (> 5 years)



 (Perfect) Preparation


◦                You draw up timetables, place orders, guide your team and actively take part in serving and preparing balls in our open, urban kitchen.

◦                Your shop is your baby and you’ll be taking up final responsibility when it comes to revenue, orders, brand experience and operational results!

◦                You are part of our young team and will support and guide them in an open and constructive manner.

◦                You’re passionate in your job, and outside of it!


Who are we?


◦                Passionate foodies

◦                Growing start-up with 6 shops & a food truck

◦                We offer slow food in a fast served formula

◦                From our own farm to our urban tables!

◦                We’ll be spreading our Flemish food skills internationally by means of local partnerships



◦                Demanding but glorious work environment

◦                Cool colleagues with balls (at least some J )

◦                Honest salary and advantages

◦                And above all glorious vibes

◦                Opportunity to grow to be an independent partner

◦                5 days a week – Home by 11.30 PM at the latest!




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Why do we need local partners in order to grow?



When Balls & Glory started in Ghent 5 years ago, they had one big dream: to introduce their Belgian slow food internationally with the ultimate goal being to have 50 restaurants by 2025, with one of those in New York… Quite ambitious indeed, you might think, but it does help to have a goal. I am convinced that having more restaurants can really help us do things differently and better!


 with LOCAL entrepreneurs !


‘We have the balls, you make the glory’, we sometimes say with a smile…but it does say a great deal.

Balls & Glory is to become a quality label: you know what you eat (meat of fair origin, hand-rolled, seasonal, oven-baked) with something for everyone (pork, chicken, vegetarian). We want to become a fighter, a warrior who is committed to keeping Belgian slow food like mash, sourdough bread, oven-baked vegetables and salads affordable and accessible. Made fresh daily, in tune with the seasons and with room for innovation (for example, this spring, we are launching a real insect ball). We are committed to offering local artists and designers a canvas, with Balls & Glory as a meeting place in the beating heart of the city.




Not a bit of everything… no, no, stuffed balls with mash and salads, with Belgian beers, free water and fruit on the Belgian design tables & no cola or other nonsense, but probably indeed a bit of Bazart music coming from our speakers.


The local hospitality of the lady or gentleman of the house at the stove (or at the register) make a restaurant a home and a place where it is great to linger; a chain can never beat that.


But, of course, a global approach, a format with know-how and a network of like-minded people also provide an extra boost, giving the local entrepreneur ample opportunity to focus on their guests.


And it is precisely that model I have chosen as a growth model to roll out Balls & Glory both in Belgium and abroad. United and strong in a  partnership/franchise  where we clearly delineate our tasks and responsibilities – and this is only possible, of course, if our skills also complement and supplement each other. So how does the ideal partner look to us now?


  • Someone who loves their city (one of more than 100,000 inhabitants), but that love must be mutual
  • an entrepreneur, but not a serial one
  • with honest and daily dedication (which means a leader at the oven, not the laptop)
  • an open and similar minded lifestyle; so, we never have to quibble about taste
  • iron discipline (so it helps if you derive energy from details that make sense, day after day after day)
  • above all, a hospitality freak who is incredibly contented if they can make guests happy.

I am confident that, in this way, we can grow in a sustainable win-win situation with a clear focus on both the Balls and the Glory. We are independent and cooperative in terms of what impels us to make the right decisions. Therefore: united and strong, but within a tight framework: good agreements make good friends. A clear context, clear values, a clear entry (& clear exit) with a single goal: a better Balls & Glory, hopefully in 2025 with many happy partners, and a nice restaurant in NYC with even tastier meatballs and vegie-balls than we make today.


Join our meatball revolution?


We are currently looking for partners in Brussels & Eindhoven

It’s still waaaaaaaay too early for New York; but other proposals are always welcome.


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flanders food faculty


great to be part of this project !

The core team of Flanders Food Faculty is made up of experts, or rather the affectionately dubbed ‘Captains of Gastronomy’. They act as the steering committee of Flanders Food Faculty and are responsible for drawing up and implementing an annually compiled action plan. They detect needs in the professional field, spot opportunities and set priorities for the operation of Flanders Food Faculty.

The ‘Captains of Gastronomy’ support the implementation of activities with hands-on advice, tips and concrete proposals. They put their expertise and network at the disposal of the organisation to supervise actions, create synergies and encourage discussion in and with the professional field. Acting as a sounding board for the actions taken by partners within the Flanders Food Faculty, they not only actively contribute to communication about Flanders Food Faculty’s activities, but also take responsibility for specific projects.

A ‘Captain of Gastronomy’ has extensive knowledge of the operation of the tourist industry and/or the gastronomic sphere of operations (at national and/or international level). He or she has a network in the tourist or catering industry, or in the food industry, and is prepared to mobilize this network in a Flanders Food Faculty context. A ‘captain’ believes unconditionally in Flanders’ culinary assets and is excited about being actively engaged in strengthening and promoting them.

Our ‘Captains of Gastronomy’:

  • Ben Weyts
  • Peter De Wilde
  • Sofie Van Den Bossche
  • Peter Goossens
  • Danny Van Assche


  • Nancy Lippens
  • Kasper Stuart
  • Frans De Wachter
  • Frank Cops
  • Peter Scholliers
  • Raph Van Loocke


  • Filip Vanheusden
  • Bartel Dewulf
  • Claire Tillekaerts
  • Krispijn Yperman
  • Wim Ballieu
  • Bernard Lefèvre
  • Joachim Boudens




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Ode aan de familierecepten !


Nostalgie is nooit echt m’n ding geweest. Ik kijk graag naar de toekomst, hoe we dingen beter kunnen maken. Tot het over de keuken van moeders & grootmoeders gaat. De smaak van de herinneringen, letterlijk.

Libelle lekker vroeg me of ik in onze familierecepten kon graven & deze in een reeks van video-recepten kon gieten.

Eerlijk gezegd ben ik best fier op het resultaat: 32 videorecepten met mijn familierecepten, mét een hedendaagse twist natuurlijk.


ga naar libelle lekker


Hoe wij onze langste tafel beleefden.


De langste tafel : Een dagje achter de schermen.

Ik zelf (hello I’m Jim the guy writing!) en Wim hebben beiden een verleden in de catering business. De langste tafel van afgelopen zaterdag was een ideaal moment om ons nog eens volledig uit te leven! Het idee kwam twee maanden geleden tot leven toen we brainstormden over onze marketing plannen voor de herfst – en winterperiode. Balls & Glory ook ‘s avonds extra gezellig maken en inspelen op onze sharing formule, daar moesten we voor gaan! En hoe konden we dit beter in de verf zetten dan met een lange, heeeele lange tafel… 


09u : Ik neem de wagen naar de HANOS in Wommelgem. HANOS is onze logistieke partner voor alles van Food&Beverage. Uietraard bestellen al onze shops online alle producten en staan deze de ochtend erop proper geleverd aan de deur. Maar soms is het toch extra leuk om zelf te gaan ‘foodshoppen’. De producten te zien, te voelen, te ruiken,…

10u30 : HELP. Aankomst bij Balls & Glory Antwerpen. Wie helpt me uitladen?

11u : Onze Wim is in the building. Al een tikje nerveus zoals in de good old cateringdays. ;-). Nog even snel iets doormailen en we vliegen erin… Salades kuisen, groentjen snijden, dressing maken en noten roosteren. Onze ballen worden handgerdraaid in de centrale slagerij maar al de rest gebeurd in house bij Balls & Glory.

15u : Goodiebags!? Een stukje Balls & Glory voor bij je thuis noemt Wim het… Vanavond komen er ook heel wat bloggers en pers naar het event. Om onze partners extra in de verf te zetten geven we heel wat leuke spullen mee. Ons eigen ballenplankje, een SERAX cactusje, lekkers van Duvel en Fever Tree (de nieuwe Sergio Herman smaak!!), … Het lijkt Sinterklaas wel. Met drie uitpakken en sorteren maar!!

17u : De lansgte tafel wordt opgebouwd door Jens! Altijd leuk zo een handige Harry in de groep. De tafel dekken we ook al in, 150 personen, toch wat meters te overbruggen. Een goede fysiek is geen overbodige luxe in de eventwereld.

19u : Wanneer je events organiseert leg je altijd heel veel verantwoordelijkheid bij je team. Daarom : briefing!! Even de taakverdeling op punt zetten, onze nieuwe herfstsmaken overlopen zodat de klanten correct geïnformeerd worden en op het einde nog wat peper in ieders ‘gat’ steken, we zijn er klaar voor…

20u : Onze eerste gasten komen mooi op tijd toe en worden ontvangen door onze shopmanager Nora. Met een brede glimlach uiteraard… Mensen worden ontvangen met een lekkere Gin Tonic Fever Tree en ons charcuterieplankje. Life could be worse…

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