Jakobijnenstraat 6
9000 Ghent

Opening hours
Our restaurants close until Friday, April 3th, following advice of the Security Council.

Delivery at Deliveroo & Ubereats.
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Bookings & orders
0486 678 776
(for groups of 10 persons or more)

After an afternoon of shopping in the Veldstraat, head to our impressive townhouse just a stone’s throw away and take a seat at our ‘Lange Jan’ (‘Long John’) table, designed by Jan Hoet junior. Don’t worry: there is no need for fancy outfits here. It’s all about the meatballs, expertly prepared by Ruben. And don’t forget to leave a message on our Balls of Fame wall!



Ball junkies in desperate need of some balls can have them delivered to their doorstep.
Bestel lekker eten van je favoriete restaurants, met snelle levering thuis of op kantoor


Take a look inside...

Ruben is your friend

Favourite Balls: Sun-dried tomato (and chicken-corn-curry)
Hates Complicated and fake stuff, Meatloaf, Milk Inc., The Scorpions, Céline Dion and melted cheese.
Loves Simplicity, peace and balance in everything he does, tomatoes, faraway destinations, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Radiohead, Björk, Prince, good music and a glass of wine.
Contact 0486 678 776
Ruben is your friend