Sacramentsstraat 2
9100 Sint-Niklaas
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Opening hours
Our restaurants close until Friday, April 3th, following advice of the Security Council.

Bookings & orders
03 304 80 58
Pre-booking from the 11th of june.

Since June we're also present in Waasland, conquering Sint-Niklaas with our deliciously filled, hand-turned, crispy balls with meat from our own farm! In short: slow food, fast served in a stylish interior, with a warm welcome from our shop manager Emanuel!


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Emanuel is your friend!

Favourite meatball Lamb ball!!
Hates The first of September, others eating my chips, that there suddenly is no more toilet paper, rain, having cold, cheese (except for mozzarella)...
Loves Cycling in the city centre of Sint-Niklaas, the freedom you have under water while diving, snowboarding too fast from the mountains, fragipan cake...
Contact 03 304 80 58
Emanuel is your friend!